FABULIS was formed with the purpose of supplying furniture fittings, either to furniture factories either to other distributors. FABULIS is located in convenient ground area of 8.000m2 (4.000m2 for warehouse/office and two large showrooms). Other 4.000m2 at opened space for logistics. Nowadays and, for good reasons, FABULIS is one of the most important and reliable Portuguese furniture fitting’s trademark, thanks to the long and friendly exclusive cooperation with every strong foreign partners. 

FABULIS, has a lot of moulds stamping either in Portugal, either in different eastern countries depending on the relation price/quality in order to compete with other Important companies and local manufacturers as well. All the success is being achieved thanks to the aggressive and expert team of 9 people.


With a dynamic team of professionals at your service, and with a permanent stock of over 2,000 articles, FABULIS can meet your needs and arrive to you in 24 hours or through its own transport up to 8 days for the Portuguese market. A 400 m2 showroom displays the wide range of items that can also be purchase in our professional store.

Cutting and drilling aluminum profile for furniture doors, and the injection of plastic parts in different sizes and models are always possible to adjust to your needs, this way our client can have a unique and exclusive model.With an extensive research in fairs and international markets Fabulis does reach you all the news thus becoming the right partner for your business.